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Beads of Courage

Glass beads have been made and given for over 100,000 years. They’re pieces of art that that unlike things made of fiber and wood and biodegradable things, withstand being buried, washed away, burned, frozen, buried in closets, and any other … Continue reading

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We’ve been making beads again.   Sometimes there just isn’t enough danger in quilting with needles thread and cutting wheels and scissors. Fire,  propane, kilns, molten glass, popping hot glass rods, red hot metal….Now there’s some fun! Vicky wanted to … Continue reading

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More and Most

Three Twins Ice Cream is one of the vendors at Oxbow Public Market in Napa. Marketed as “Inconceivably Delicious Organic Ice Cream” it’s as nice and creamy as one would expect for a high end ice cream made with all … Continue reading

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