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Before I get onto my corduroy update, I want to acknowledge that more than I appreciate corduroy, I appreciate our Veterans.  We’ll be having fun, what with school out, cheering at 11:11 am, the corduroy quilt finished, and consuming vertically … Continue reading

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Cord Totoro in Progress

Schnap, the Co-Quilter, retains her title, but there’s a new dog in quiltytown… Murphy. Murphy is partial to corduroy. Whether it’s because he knows 11/11/11 is coming up, or he’s reminded of the wales on his dog bed, or maybe … Continue reading

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Corduroy Quilt Enthusiasts

As if the Corduroy Appreciation Club isn’t enough, I found the Corduroy Quilt Enthusiasts.  Check it out here! There are links to the rest of the quilt enthusiasts there. This internet/web thing is really neat.

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