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The Crucible

The Bead Challenge happened at The Crucible. They have a nice torch set up there with lots of ventilation.  They also have other super duper cool stuff.  Actually,  I should say ‘hot’ stuff.  There are lots of melty smelty soldery … Continue reading

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Bead Challenged

This weekend was time for the Beads of Courage Bead Challenge. A bunch of beady eyed folks, myself included, got together to lampwork beads for kids with serious illnesses.  Read more about Beads of Courage last year here. You can … Continue reading

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Beads of Courage

Glass beads have been made and given for over 100,000 years. They’re pieces of art that that unlike things made of fiber and wood and biodegradable things, withstand being buried, washed away, burned, frozen, buried in closets, and any other … Continue reading

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