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Pouf and Poof

I cannot resist keeping every scrap of fabric. Especially nice fabric. I can let go of ugly fabric. But I mostly quilt. I don’t upholster much other than seat cushions and the occasional ottoman, so the upholstery fabric piles up, … Continue reading

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The Great Shake Out

We’re pausing from quilting, cooking, blogging, and other quests, for a  temporary test of the emergency broadcast system.  We do this every year. October 18th, (tomorrow), is The Great California Shake Out. If you live in California, or for that … Continue reading

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Thread at PIQF 2012

Even more quilts! There’s a piecing component of quilting, and then there is the quilting component of quilting.  I’m personally more of a piecer than a quilter, if we were to say that thread stuff on top of the pieced … Continue reading

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