Hang up

My lovely husband helped me hang up a curtain wire last weekend over the closet where no curtains are needed.  Why?  Because I wanted a design wall.  I bought a portable design wall at PIQF a few years ago, but it’s not big enough for the usual size quilts I make, it’s wobblier than I’d like, and takes up a lot of floor space.  I don’t have a clear wall space that could be used for a design wall because I’m lucky enough to have an office/sewing/crafting space with a lot of windows and the rest of the wall space is devoted to bookshelves and cabinets.

But!  One wall is taken up by sliding closet doors.  Could the doors be used to house a design wall?  I looked and thought about a few options including covering the doors with flannel or something design wall-ish, but ultimately came to the idea of hanging a sheet of flannel like a curtain over the closet doors so I could still access the closet easily by pushing the fabric aside.

Hung upIkea provided a great solution – The Dignitet cable curtain system.  It comes with stainless steel cable, and clips and hooks are sold separately.  All told I think I spent under $22 for everything.  The system does NOT come with screws to screw into the wall, but that’s easily remedied by either a trip to the garage (in my case) or the hardware store.  Get wood screws with a flat head.  6 of them.  About 1-1/2″ long should do it.   Ikea sells kits of screws and plastic wall expander things too, but there’s way more in the kit that you could possibly use for a thing like this.

Now I need to go get some flannel and sew it up to go on the clips, but meanwhile, I hung a recent quilt on some of the clips.  I think quilts belong on bodies and beds, but I’m enjoying this one on my wall today.  It sure makes the room bright.

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  1. I really like your basket quilt the colours are lovely.

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