Kaleido Interruption

No progress has been made over the last day on the Kaleidoscope quilt and any other quilt other than sitting and sleeping under one or two.  Does the Process Pledge involve telling loyal readers things like this?

However, the Co-Quilter/Co-Landscaper wants you to know that she has hardly been a layabout.  She has been busy supervising the yard work which has been proceeding nicely.  She has been talked to about her previously aggressive management tactics (barking orders is not advisable) and now manages through influence and good cheer.

This here Laundry Hamper was also patterned, sewn, punctured, and grommetted (Spell check does not believe that this is a word, either with two T’s or one. If any of you can enlighten me on the spelling, please do, though perhaps ‘grommet’ is not a recognized verb)
The hamper was made because despite my most valiant efforts, a replacement hamper bag could not be found to replace the torn, stained, tattered and worn one that came with the folding metal hanging thing. I suppose the solution could have been to chuck the whole thing and start over, but there’s nothing that felt right about that since the metal piece is perfectly serviceable. The brightly patterned and fun printed canvas was in the stash of fabric (I think originally from Ikea), I found Dritz grommets at Jo-Ann’s, and sewed up a basic rectangular open top box. The only glitch was hammering the grommet pieces together. This took much more force than I was willing to wield with a hammer with my thumb nearby. Thank goodness for my lovely husband who is much more accurate with a hammer.

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I like making things, creativity, creative people, food, fabric, glass, painting, reading, my community, my family, my friends and my dogs.
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1 Response to Kaleido Interruption

  1. quiltfever says:

    What a fabulous vegetable bed installation. Their height is so back friendly! Can’t wait to see them with plants. And really cool new hamper, especially since you already had the fabric in your stash.

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