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I’ve got pomelos growing in the yard, planted by the previous owner of our property. Most years the pale yellow orbs hang, weighing down branches, until they fall onto the lawn. They’re way more peel than fruit.  I wasn’t sure what to do with more than one of them each year.

This year, there’s a decent size crop of them and I had some chocolate covered citrus peels last year that I liked very much.  A good excuse to make candied peel myself, right?I went to the internet, and looked for recipes. I like recipes with pictures, so I looked for those.

They Draw and Cook is a site I didn’t know about before this search.  Now I do, and you do too.  Check it out. There are delightful illustrations.  There are six new recipes every three days.  Some of them are harder to read than others because the artist focused on the art over the readability of the recipe.  I think the best ones combine recipe, process and great graphics.  But I like them all and enjoyed browsing.

I’ll let you know how the Candied Peel turns out.

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  1. quiltfever says:

    I love candied grapefruit rinds. My neighbor (when I was in grade school) used to make them. She sent me the recipe a few years ago but I’m not very daring in the kitchen so I never tried them. I hope your pomelos turn out well.

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