I’m excited to report that I have created (finally!) a compost pile that is generating heat!
I’ve been composting for ages. Things like peels, apple cores, banana peels, wilted lettuce and other veggie scraps have gone into a compost bin but what I’ve generated in the past has been a big pile of worms. I’m not complaining about those – the worms and veggie compost that have resulted have been very good for the garden.

Now by luck, some beneficial bacteria, plus a new larger bin, and more attention to the right ratio of green and brown, things are breaking down faster than ever. It’s disconcerting to open up the bin to steaming stuff, made even more evident in the cold weather we’ve had. The new compost is going to be great for the new veggie beds.

Though I think it’s now too hot for the worms.

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2 Responses to Compost

  1. quiltfever says:

    Congratulations! I have tried composting before, not very successfully. You find the greatest signs and saying.

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