Not a Co Chef

Schnap in the Aisle of Death

There is a Bermuda triangle of doom in my kitchen – it’s between the knife block, the stove, the sink, and the opposite island counter.  (Okay, it’s a trapezoid, not a triangle, but you get the metaphor) I call it the “Aisle of Death” and if you’re ever over you already know about it.  This is an area where scalding water, sizzling frying pans, razor sharp knife blades, steaming food, hot roasting pans and other high stakes objects are moved. This area is fraught with danger. Stay out the Aisle of Death.

Schnap is here lying in the Aisle of Death which is not a good thing. She has not been trained well enough to stay out of the Aisle of Death.  We’re working on it.

In case there’s any trepidation about who’s doing the food preparation in this blog, let me assure you that the Co-Quilter, Co-Gardener, and Co-Blogger, otherwise known as Schnap is not a Co-Chef, SousChef, or any other food prep related title.

About piecedgoods

I like making things, creativity, creative people, food, fabric, glass, painting, reading, my community, my family, my friends and my dogs.
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4 Responses to Not a Co Chef

  1. quiltfever says:

    What a fabulous photo. I love the blue light reflected by your stove. Is it from a TV? Certainly a nice composition. I hope Schnap never has to experience any of those awful events before learning to rest elsewhere.

    • piecedgoods says:

      How perceptive you are about the light! There is indeed a TV in the kitchen and the blue light probably is from that since nothing else there I think is blue.

      It drives me batty that Schnap hangs out there by the stove.

  2. Helen says:

    Yup, window. Nice blue…

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