Kaleido Photography

The binding is on and loose threads are tied off and nipped away. I’ve decided I like the quilting on this after all. The meandering fits the snowflake theme I think. It’s a gentle snowfall with flakes drifting down vs. a raging storm which I think straight line quilting would’ve represented. Taking a picture of a full quilt is hard to do. The ones we took with the quilt held up (in natural light at about 4pm)  don’t do the quilt justice because the piecing I did on the backing showed through, making a distracting stripe shadow down the middle of the quilt.  I didn’t see the stripe until I downloaded these pictures tonight, too late to retake in the sunlight.

The ones taken with the quilt on the lawn give the snowflake/kaleidoscopes a  ‘spaceship flying away from the camera’ look. Also not what I am looking for.

I’m going to try taking shots tomorrow in different daylight and see if I can do better.  This quilt is not done teaching me lessons from experience.

Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.  ~Auguste Rodin

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5 Responses to Kaleido Photography

  1. quiltfever says:

    While not perfect, the first photo lets us see the additional snowflakes, a nice mixture of light, medium and dark in different sizes. Spaceship photo is kinda cute 🙂 I think you are right about the quilting. It works!

  2. Auntie Em says:

    Wow, I love how this all came together. The snowflake effect really comes across, especially with the color palette you chose. It’s a work of art, really.

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