Fat Tuesday Meets Thursday

The Fat Tuesday group got together today to chow down.  We went to the grand opening of Bun Mee on 2015 Fillmore, SF today. Denise Tran opened what could be the first of many Bun Mee’s to come.  Bun Mee serves Vietnamese food with a bit of a Western twist and in a very hip (though small) store.

The focus is on Vietnamese sandwiches – traditionally seen on menus spelled ‘Banh Mi’. I suppose you could call these sandwiches a positive product of French Colonialism in Indochina.   They evolved from a French baguette sandwich to a Vietnamese sandwich with roasted meat, cucumbers, cilantro, hot peppers and pickled carrots and an optional fried egg.

True to Fat Tuesday group’s way, but we tried close to everything on the menu.  No dainty eaters here.

My personal favorites:  The Roasted 5 spice Chicken Bun Mee with Sweet Potato Fries and Red Curry Aioli.  The Tumeric Fish and Chips with Catfish and Sweet Potato Fries.  And the Chocolate Coconut sandwich cookies.We didn’t manage to check off any boxes in the 7×7 100 Things to Eat and Drink list, so if nitpicking was in order, this eating expedition was off topic, not on a Tuesday, and not at all goal driven.  But it was tasty, good company,  and worth the trip as well as the calories.

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2 Responses to Fat Tuesday Meets Thursday

  1. quiltfever says:

    I’m always reading your food posts before breakfast it seems. They get me salivating. I’m a huge fan of sweet potato fries.

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