Why is it that colors seem so much more saturated here in Hawaii?

Today is brought to you by the color red.  I’ll spare you the visual of my sunburned back.  And the bug bites.Aloha and Mahalo.

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4 Responses to Red

  1. quiltfever says:

    Beautiful post! Are you thinking about a red and white quilt like I am?

  2. Sheila Brady says:

    What gorgeous pictures!! My Mom grew up in Hawaii and I remembered after reading your post that she told me that the colors are brighter in Hawaii because the gods of the colors live there.

    I think she used to have a book about the gods and goddesses of Hawaii and their association with color and the meaning of the colors in the Leis. I haven’t seen that book around for ages but I did find a website (of course!) with the same color lore! Here is the one about the goddess Haumea, goddess of RED:

    Haumea is the spirit of stone (pohaku) and the power of Freedom
    She is the earth-mother and the goddess of female fertility, childbirth, family and mysterious forms
    We can invoke her to Increase Prosperity and Abundance
    The color of Haumea is red
    Red is used in healing to remove mental and physical tension and limitations. Pink is used to Harmonize.
    Haumea reminds you to Forgive. Her message is to Be Free
    Red is the color of the Second Huna Principle KALA – There Are No Limits


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