Fat Tuesday Strikes Again

Gott's, Eat, Food, Neon SignThe Fat Tuesday group convened again today.  Dress code: Stretch pants and comfortable shoes.  We focused our efforts today at the SF Ferry Building as several of the 7×7 100 Things to Eat and Drink list are located there.

We’d learned from previous Fat Tuesday conclaves:  Focus on the list, share portions, dress for comfort.  I’d say we did well on two out of three.

We lost focus early coming across the front of the Ferry Building.  We spotted designer Michael Kors, shopping the market, seeing the sights with friends.Michael Kors, Ferry Building, FoodAfter confirming, posing, photographing and introducing ourselves – he was charming about being interrupted – the club entered the building….To be confronted immediately by donuts from Pepples.

donuts, Pepple's, Vegan donutsThese are not on the list, but we had to try the Salted Caramel one. After all, they’re organic and vegan so they’re not caloric at all, right? Anyway, we were smart enough (or maybe now self conscious from meeting Michael and thinking about svelte Heidi Klum) that we bought just one and shared it four ways.
Then, we came to Boccalone, which advertises itself as a place that sells ‘tasty salted pig parts’. I personally think they need help with their marketing, but they seem to be doing okay despite that tag line. We shared a cone of meats. Tasty, though an odd form factor.Boccalone, Meat, Pig Parts
Next up, Albondingas soup at Mijita. Good and hearty, but meatballs were a little tough. Thumbs up on the chips, salsa and guac.  Albondingas soup, Mijita, Chips, Guacamole
We moved onward to Gott’s Roadside ‘Tray Gourmet’ for an Ahi Tuna Burger and sweet potato fries. I’m not a fan of Ahi Tuna so I passed on this, but if you’re into that sort of thing, the rest of the group voted major thumbs up on this sandwich despite being initally surprised at the steep price ($15+)   Ahi Tuna Burger, GottsThe fries were not on the list, but I cannot pass up sweet potato fries, so focus was lost again. The garlic aioli that accompanies the fries should not be missed. Off to dessert and coffee. Blue Bottle Coffee (Named after Europe’s first coffee house) microroasts their coffee. They also make a Belgian Waffle that’s on the list. I think their coffee is better than their waffle, but I wouldn’t turn my nose up at either. Blue Bottle Coffee, Belgian WaffleIf you want a pumpkin spiced latte, by the way, this is not your place.  Blue Bottle is for coffee fanatics that appreciate their coffee roasted less than 48 hours from serving time. No extra flavors other than sugar, milk or cream here.   I think my cup of coffee was one of the best I’ve ever had.  Focus has it’s advantages.

Blue Bottle Coffee SignMeanwhile, our course strayed again with a Miette Creme Fraiche/Homemade Graham Cracker Cookie ice cream sandwich.  Yum! Worth every calorie.
creme fraiche ice cream sandwich, Miette
Plus tastes of Egg cream and Caramel Cream Soda from Cowgirl Creamery Milk. Cowgirl Milk
All in all another successful day. We had three things that could be checked off the list. Four, had we focused more…We bought Miette Ginger Snaps, but forgot to eat them.  
With that, I believe we get a ‘needs improvement’ on focus. And kudos for portion control.

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