Tile Ball

I like to recycle things.

I had a flattish ball – still round, but a bit cracked and not so bouncy anymore.   I had left over cement.  I had left over bathroom tile and grout. And I had glass pebbles that I cannot resist buying at Michael’s when they’re 50% off.  So I made this.

Mosaic tile ball
All that tile and cement makes it hard to play ball with it anymore, but I like it anyway.

About piecedgoods

I like making things, creativity, creative people, food, fabric, glass, painting, reading, my community, my family, my friends and my dogs.
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7 Responses to Tile Ball

  1. Lynda says:

    Wow!!! Some of us would have thrown that old, flattish ball out and look what an amazing thing you did with it. Doesn’t it feel great when you take discarded or leftover things and make something so beautiful?

  2. quiltfever says:

    Your are so inventive. What a beautiful addition to a garden!

  3. Auntie Em says:

    Ingenious! I love the comment about it being hard to play with anymore.

  4. Terry Grant says:

    This is great! Love it.

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