Mission Fat Tuesday

This looked like a good Tuesday to go check some things off our 7×7 100 Things to Eat list, so off we rolled.
Tartine, Morning BunsMorning Bun at Tartine  We started at Tartine Bakery, ostensibly to check morning buns off the list, but true to our Tartine, Ham and Cheese Croissantreckless and distractible nature, besides the two morning buns to share between the four of us, we also ordered a ham and cheese croissant, banana cream pie (with one extra to take home), and an extra six (6!) morning buns to go.  And coffee and cafe au laits for all.

The morning buns are amazing. This is not the first time I’d had one and it’s not going be the last.  They’re cinnamony, sugary, crispy, buttery, caramelly, with a little orange.  They surpass any other sweet breakfast carbohydate.  I don’t want to know how many calories are contained within.

I personally avoided the ham and cheese croissant, but had a small piece of  the banana cream pie.  You’ll note – Both of those things are not on the list.

Pizzeria DelfinaWe then strolled twenty feet down the street to Pizzeria Delfina to check the Pizza Margerita off the list.   Chatting up the lovely girl at the counter about our food crawl/waddle, she suggested we try more than the Margerita.   Nice job selling, counter girl! –  This is what we ex-retailers liked to congratulate ourselves on – increasing UPT’s (Units per Transaction).

pizza margerita, Pizzeria DelfinaPizzeria Delfina, Menu, The Mission We ordered the Margarita, and audaciously added the Amatriciana.  I was scolded for ordering the Amatriciana but the sales job and the description of the pizza special led to my foolhardy ordering.  As it turned out, both were delicious and we were happy we ordered the special because we liked the combination of the smoked meat, spices and special sauce even better than the recommended Margarita.
Pizza Amatriciana, Pizzeria DelfinaPooch ParkingWe devoured a piece of each pizza each and the rest got boxed up to go.

We then strolled past Pooch Parking, Bi- Rite Market and flower stand down to Bi-Rite Creamery for Salted Caramel Ice Cream.

Flowers in the Mission

This is delicious ice cream if you like salt and caramel. They have other flavors of course as well as cupcakes, a cookie of the day and other random things.

I had my Salted Caramel Ice Cream  in a sugar cone and we sat and enjoyed the sun and gazed on the Mission Dolores across the street.Salted Caramel Ice CreamBi Rite CreameryMission Dolores
We then debated what next to check off the list. There is Ma Po Tofu, listed #1 on the list in the Mission at Mission Chinese Food. Coffee Rubbed Pork Shoulder at Range Restaurant, Carnitas Taco at La Taqueria, Cookies and Cream Cookie and Milk at Anthony’s Cookies, and others too numerous to mention left to try in the Mission.

826 Valencia

826 Valencia

We chose to pull over and browse The Curiosity Shoppe, and 826 Valencia’s Pirate Store, and Paxton’s Gate.

These three stores are brim full of wonderful and odd things including crocheted squid, moustaches on a stick, glass eyes, swords, signs to diagnose and cure scurvy, and taxidermy…. to name some of the merchandise.  These are not things you see in a mall store.

While we could have had endless fun in stores like these, we had deadlines and appointments. So we then stuffed ourselves back into the car and drove over the Anthony’s Cookies.
Anthony's Cookies Cookies and Cream Samples

We tried Cookies and Cream, Cinnamon Spice, Toffee Chip, and Oatmeal Raisin. They were all great, but Cookies and Cream was our favorite of them all.
Anthony's Cookies - the Menu
Anthony's Cookies SignAnd armed with extra cookies to bribe and appease friends and family at home, we meandered back to reality having checked off another four things off of the 100 things list.

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