Duck Eyes and David Lynch

Cement Duck, Duck, eyeballs
Who decided that painting these eyes on this cement duck lawn ornament was a good idea?

Duck was abandoned and fated for the dumpster, but he was rescued. His beady yellow and black eyes could not be avoided in the workshop, so he leapt in priority ahead of many other projects quietly and  patiently waiting their turns.  Eyes are windows into the soul they say, and Duck clearly needed some friendlier windows.*

Duck has many more friends and admirers now with a new coat of excess bathroom tile, broken glass bits and pottery.

*Pardon the diversion, but isn’t the internet just marvelous?

Feeling unsettled about the creepy painted eyes, I searched the webs for a picture of a real duck eye.  It turns out that the expression ‘The Eye of the Duck’ is an expression coined by filmmaker David Lynch about getting things right in a film “…this eye of the duck is a certain scene, this jewel, that if it’s there, it’s absolutely beautiful. It’s just fantastic.”

Yet another fun fact brought to you by the power of connectivity.

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