Fat Tuesday #4 – A guest post

I missed Fat Tuesday today. (There was too much driving scheduled, dropping off and picking up – what I call “driving in circles” to do –  what with the kids’ schedules being cattywampus with summer).  But there was a more than a quorum, and bellies were rumbling, so the rest of the Fat Tuesday gang got to work.

Off they went in unseasonable (and unreasonable) pouring rain to check more things off the 7×7 100 things to eat and drink in SF 2011 Big Eat list.

These are true friends indeed….I received a post-adventure delivery of Ma Po Tofu (still warm!) from Mission Chinese to sample in the comfort of my own kitchen.  And a recap complete with photos and commentary.

I present to you  – a Fat Tuesday Guest Post:

Having been cruelly denied Ma Po Tofu at Mission Chinese Food on our last excursion, one member was on a mission to get back to the Mission! We showed up at the door in the pouring rain, just as the CLOSED sign was turned before our eyes to OPEN! Thankfully, a Tuesday and not Wednesday.

Sadly minus our intrepid photographer, as well as without a blog venue, we will attempt to recap the day’s adventures.

Under the pulsating rhythm of urban rap, the swaying orangey pink, Chinese dragon hanging overhead, and adjacent to garlands of white Xmas lights draped along the walls, the timid suburbanites safely placed their order, and true to FT form, very quickly exceeded the single 7×7 recommended food item: Ma Po Tofu (finally!), ground Kurobuta pork shoulder with Szechuan peppercorn and chili oil, 2 flame icons worth of HOT. Ma Po TofuSlow-cooked char shiu pork belly with soy-cured egg and
ginger scallion noodles and cucumber

Broccoli beef cheek with gai lan and poached oyster
Sizzling cumin lamb with lamb belly and chili-pickled long beans
Savory egg custard with uni, cured trout roe and shiso

In serious need of a palate cleanser, we proceeded to Mitchell’s Ice Cream for the recommended young coconut (Buko) and multiple samples of obscure flavors, such as, Ube, Lucuma, Macapuno and Halo Halo. The designated photographer forgot to photograph the ice cream before we devoured it, so our kind server re-dished it for us and posed, as well!

Unfortunately, our plans for paper masala dosa at Dosa on Valencia were waylaid, as they are remodeling until July 1st. Always flexible, but frugal, we decided to walk the five blocks back to Anthony’s Cookies (originally featured on FT#3), since we had already fed the also hungry SF meter.

Papel Picado in the MissionEn route, we discovered Casa Bonampak, a Mexican party store, featuring custom-made papel picado designs and overflowing with colorful paper flowers (a tutorial provided here!), and more made with an intriguing folded/rolled edge using double layers of crepe paper. Casa BonampakAt Anthony’s Cookies, we had the pleasure of meeting the proprietor, Anthony, who appreciated our cookie-savvy.

Anthony's Cookies

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2 Responses to Fat Tuesday #4 – A guest post

  1. Sheila Beela says:

    Whoever did the substitute photography did a great job! Yum!

  2. Vicky Stein says:

    Wow, THE Anthony. I have consumed a good number of his cookies and they were most admirable. 😀

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