Matisse Play

Schnap and BearWe were gone all last week at Family Camp and now we’re back.  Schnap, the co-quilter, stayed with friends of ours and had a great time, but she’s back too now and ready to play.

I happened upon a blog posting by Bumblebean’s Victoria Findlay Wolfe that intrigued me.  So despite my vow to not start new projects before finishing off some of the myriad incomplete ones, I dove in.  You see, Bumblebeans has this cool concept and side blog called 15 Minutes Play which I interpret as “Get going (at least for 15 minutes) and make a block!”…  Prone to over-thinking, this is appealing as a way to stretch.

“Play” is the operative word.  Bumblebeans blogged about some Matisse quilt blocks she made and suggested a quilt a long,  with improvisationally pieced blocks inspired by art by Matisse, and off I went.  I decided to be inspired by this image.

After about 3 hours – not 15 minutes – I came up with this.

It’s a small piece and there’s still quilting to do, and perhaps a border, but I’m pleased so far to have created something approximating the figure in the painting entirely without a pattern or blocks or measuring.

Meanwhile, Schnap got down to business playing as I was attempting to take pictures.

Schnap and quiltBear

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4 Responses to Matisse Play

  1. Sheila Beela says:

    Do incredibly fabulous great art in 15 minutes? This is so “YOU”! Gorgeous rendition of Matisse’s Blue Lady. Here is a little video you might like!

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  3. Victoria says:

    It’s really cute! Nice job! The 15 minutes is not meant for you to complete something in 15 minutes, it’s to allow yourself 15 minutes a day to try something new and different… Trying new things encourages your creativity to venture into areas you might not have otherwise have stumbled upon…

    It looks like your play turned out to be fun for you and for your schnap!!

    Well done! Create! Explore!

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