Huntington Desert Gardens

AloeSucculents at Huntington Desert GardenWe went on a road trip. One of the stops was Huntington Library and Gardens near Pasadena in a town called San Marino. Prickly pear flower

The star attractions are the paintings of Blue Boy and Pinkie, and the Gutenberg Bible, and the Chinese and Japanese Gardens.  But from my point of view the cactus and succulent garden is not to be missed.Barrel Cactus

The Desert Garden was started by Mr. Henry Huntington and his garden curator in the beginning of the 1900’s long before succulent gardens were the hip thing to have.  This one is spectacular.

prickly pear cactusDon’t touch the cacti, and wear sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes.

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6 Responses to Huntington Desert Gardens

  1. Carol says:

    Your photos are fabulous. I may print and frame a couple if that’s OK with you.

  2. Sheila Beela says:

    Wonderful lush photos! You have an eye! The succulent gardens are spectacular there, and all the grounds are very much worth a wander. I’d like to see the Greene and Greene gallery there as well. And did you know that they have one of the largest collections of miniature books in the world as well? Not available for public view, of course, but I’ve read about it.

    • piecedgoods says:

      We went to the Greene and Greene gallery too, but no pictures are allowed there. And there was a docent standing in the middle of the room to make sure nothing sneaky was going on!
      I didn’t get to the book area at all. Or to probably about 90% of the place. Must go back!

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