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Alison McDonald Message in a Bottle
The star of Open Sea exhibit in the Monterey Bay Aquarium is the great white shark at the moment, but there’s an area with an artistic bent where there are displays and explanations of artwork that are both beautiful and awareness raising.

I was fascinated by Alison McDonald’s installation, ‘Message in a Bottle’…perhaps because of our recent visit to the Marin Marine Mammal Washed Ashore Exhibit and it’s similar message about disposable things, but also because the and the carved out forms are lovely and evocative of the live things swimming in the tanks.

Alison McDonaldMonterey Bay Aquarium Kelp TankAlison McDonald Message in a BottleMonterey Bay Aquarium Sea Dragon

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2 Responses to Everyday Trash Everyday Art

  1. Beverly Brady says:

    How absolutely gorgeous and creative – I never would have thought of it. And beautifully photographed as usual – thanks for posting it.

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