Co Conspirator

Co ConspiratorThe Co Quilter has acquired a Co Conspirator. Murphy joined Schnap this week as a canine member of the family.

Co Conspirator Profile Picture head shotHe’s a rescue dog.  (So was Schnap actually.)  In Murphy’s case we don’t know a lot about his background other than he was picked up off the streets in Kern County.  His teeth show that he’s been through a lot in his short life. Hopefully things will be less eventful and treacherous here.

So far he hasn’t spent much time quilting with me, preferring to run rambunctiously around the yard with squeaky toys in his mouth and sniffing everything he can get his nose on. But Schnap’s ok with that. Some hobbies are not for everyone.


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3 Responses to Co Conspirator

  1. Vicky Stein says:

    He looks so serious in these pictures

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