All Wales Welcome

It’s quickly approaching and today is significantly close. What the heck am I blaggling (My made up word which is an amalgamation of babbling, blogging, and babbling) about?

Why, it’s Corduroy Appreciation Day! Coming soon to a date near you 11/11/11. And here it is 11/1/11. Pretty close!

Today,  the Corduroy Appreciation Club held a club meeting in NYC at the American Museum of Natural History under the life sized blue whale (whale/wale, get it? The main public symbol of the Corduroy Appreciation Club is the Whale) at 11:11 am. We missed it, but all wales were welcome.Museum of Natural History

On the agenda tomorrow is a membership drive. If you are a corduroy appreciator, you can send them here to register – Corduroy Club Membership.  Or you can register yourself.

11/3 is Corduroy Snack day. Eat something that resembles corduroy.  I suggest lined up celery sticks.  They’re good for you.  But licorice whips are good too.  Be creative.

11/4 is Do a Good Deed day. And so on until the big day. You can find the countdown events here – Cordulog.

I’m working on a corduroy quilt project with the goal of having it done by 11/11/11.

Corduroy QuiltThis one was made a year ago. I like the way the corduroy contrasts against the smoother printed cottons.

Meander Corduroy quiltingIt crinkles and washes up nicely.

And in case you’re wondering, yes, I am wearing corduroy today.  Pants.

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