Swoon Quilt

I’m behind on the Blogger’s Quilt A Long – my first quilt a long.  I’m thinking that maybe I’m not cut out for quilt-a-longs.  (Quilting in the Piecedgoods Home Office happens in fits and starts.  Sometimes the fits and starts become finished things.  Sometimes they become Un-Finished Objects (UFO’s))

Despite the number of UFO’s guilt tripping me from the closet and design wall, I was working away today on this quilt block called Swoon, and I decide to take a break from sewing. What turns up but the start of the Swoon  along?

Swoon A Long

Swoon A Long Flickr

Is it cheating to join a quilt a long and say I’m quilting a long if I’ve done the piecing?  Refer again to sentence #2 in this post.

I decided to join anyway.  I loved making these big Swoony blossomy blocks and it’ll be fun to see what fabrics everyone picks to do these blocks.  I could easily be inspired to make more of them.

Having made 10 so far in a frenzy of sewing (Frenzies are a subset of Fit and Starts)  I’ve become much more efficient at making the 24″ blocks.

Here’s my one comment about the blocks:

Swoon Block

2 Fabrics

I like the blocks using 3 different fabrics better than two (I’m not counting the background color as a fabric here)

3 Fabrics

The pattern is written for the outside contrast points to be the same fabric as the inside star, but I changed it up for some of my blocks and I like the contrasted ones better.

The dog agrees.

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6 Responses to Swoon Quilt

  1. quiltfever says:

    Love your fabrics and love this pattern. But rats, I can’t start anything else till a few things are finished–my 2012 promise to myself 🙂

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  3. Kay Bell says:

    I think you are right the contrast blocks look more interesting…happy quilting!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

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  6. murfomurf says:

    I also live in a small land populated with UFOs. Not only in quilting, but I have UFOs in dress-making, knitting and felting as well! I like the Swoon block in 3 colours, definitely but would make mine far more loud! Due to the state of my brain mentioned in my own blog, you’ll understand that my completion rate for anything has been WAY DOWN for a while!
    Thanks for the “Like”!

    Kay in South Australia

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