Fat Tuesday Anniversary

We commemorated our one year anniversary of eating together today as the Fat Tuesday group, well, eating. We went off to The Boxing Room in SF where they had a special Mardi Gras lunch menu.

I forgot to take pictures of the salads. I promise, we did eat our veggies. And our boiled peanuts. And the table crisp bread with a cheesey pimento-y ramekin next to it. None of those things had any calories in them, of course.
And then we dove into the Shrimp Po’Boy, the Jambalaya, and the Red Beans and Rice.Shrimp Po'Boy at The Boxing RoomJambalaya
All delicious, flavorful, and generous in portion size.  Share plates or prepare to be extremely full.

Then we shared King Cake – the traditional Mardi Gras Cake – without the hidden plastic baby for choking hazard and other liability reasons (I’m not making this up!) and Beignets. And coffee.
The Boxing Room
Beignets at The Boxing Room

Fat Tuesday: Sharing good food with good friends since 2011.  With many happy returns. (For context, pictures and thoughts on what we’ve done on many of our Fat Tuesday forays this year go here).

*Did you know that ‘Mardi Gras’ actually means ‘Fat Tuesday’ in French? – I didn’t, having taken Latin and Spanish as my high school languages.

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1 Response to Fat Tuesday Anniversary

  1. Sheila Beela says:

    This all looks too yummy! You Fat Tuesdayers know how to eat right!

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