Posting from India

New Delhi Airport
I’m in New Delhi! We’ll see how posting from India goes. It seems like it might be slow going – the internet connections I’ve had have been uneven – but I’ve managed to post a picture here.
This hand and a series of others greets passengers waiting to go through passport control at the new New Delhi airport. Each hand has it’s fingers arranged differently. There was a message there but I don’t recognize the hand signs as American Sign Language – is there an Indian Sign Language?

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  1. Sheila Beela says:

    I knew that the hand gestures of the Bhuddha were significant. But your question gave me the incentive to look this up. Here is what I found: The Buddha’s hand gestures are called Mudra. The word Mudra means “sign” or “seal” in Sanskrit. A Mudra is a symbolic hand position or gesture. Its purpose is to evoke specific concepts of Buddhist philosophy in the mind during meditation or as part of Buddha iconography. The one you have photographed means teaching or reasoning, I think. Thanks for the nudge to educate myself!

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