Once in a Lifetime

This is a picture of us in our groovy sun viewing glasses goggling at the solar eclipse a few weeks ago in the back yard.   We’ll probably look pretty similar today viewing the Transit of Venus this afternoon.

I do not recommend looking at the sun directly without special glasses.  In fact, I highly discourage it.  But if you have glasses, or you can get yourself to a place that has a way to view the sun safely, do it.

You can watch it virtually on NASA’s webcast.

You could get out your mega telephoto lens and a bunch of other stuff and take a picture of it.  (Go here for tips.)

You can make a pinhole projector.  Here’s a tutorial for a quick and easy one (scroll to the bottom) or a fancier one.

Or you could do like we’re going to do and BBQ and ogle in the backyard.  The next one is in 2117 and I’m not sure we’ll be around to see it.

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1 Response to Once in a Lifetime

  1. Lynda says:

    Now that looks like a fun group of people!

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