Fat Tuesday at Market and Rye

Market and Rye Awning
The Fat Tuesday group convened this week at Market and Rye in West Portal in SF.  The website bills the place as ‘Casual, Playful, and Tasty’ and I’d say they score on all those adjectives.

interior Market and Rye
We walked in a little before their lunch rush.  Perfect timing. Market and Rye Tyson

We met Tyson – we trusted and liked him immediately – and commissioned him to assort the very best salad scoops and sandwiches for us.  Red Pepper SoupWe began our repast with a delicious and beautifully presented Roasted Red Pepper soup.Salads
Salad PlatesSaladsIf you’ve followed any of our previous Fat Tuesday adventures , you’ll know that we like sampling as much as possible.  Tyson got that – so we had two sampler plates of salad to split between the 5 of us.
We got a bit of everything on their ‘Summer Market’ board to taste.   Everything was super fresh and tasty.  Salads also can be made to order by picking and choosing ingredients, dressings, toppings, and proteins, but why do that when the house salads are so lovingly and creatively assorted?

Sandwich BoardAnd three sandwiches, each on a different special bread:
The Reuben Chicken Meatball, Housemade Falafel, and the Rosemary and Brown Sugar crusted BLT.    My personal favorite was the Reuben Chicken Meatball on Salted Rye. (Salted rye?  Genius! )

Market and Rye DessertWe finished our lunch with Housemade Twinkies.

These are nothing like the kind 0f Twinkie Hostess used to make.

I think the Twinkie flavor changes from day to day. Housemade Twinkie

All the more reason to come back and check it out another day.


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2 Responses to Fat Tuesday at Market and Rye

  1. Lynda says:

    Looks like a delightful place! Love the idea of chocolate Twinkies.

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