piecedgoods Broccoli  092 piecedgoods DaffodilsOut in the garden, spring is springing. The flowers, veggies and trees are all pushing buds out, erupting with exuberance.piecedgoods Plum Tree Piecedgoods GoldyI have a glazed bowl out in the garden in which some  glass balls and water hyacinth float.  The water hyacinths are looking a bit tired after winter but are coming back slowly. And the carnival goldfish that we placed into the bowl over 2 years ago comes up from the depths of the bowl to bask in the sunlight, nibble things, and say hello.
Piecedgoods Magnolia

About piecedgoods

I like making things, creativity, creative people, food, fabric, glass, painting, reading, my community, my family, my friends and my dogs.
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2 Responses to Spring

  1. Ashley says:

    I love that your goldfish are going strong!!! Welcome back, spring!!

  2. Gorgeous photo’s! Well done!

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