Fat Tuesday at Outerlands

piecedgoods Outerlands Door
The Fat Tuesday group headed off to the hinterlands of San Francisco, taking a respite from daily chores for our group food fest. This time we went to a restaurant called Outerlands, located out by the Ocean Beach on Judah Street.Outerlands  110
Outerlands  094

The reknowned SF fog is ferocious and pernicious out in where Outerlands lives, but we and everyone there lucked out with the weather.  Clear skies, warm sun.Outerlands  095All the happening things in SF are here.  There’s a parklet installed along the curb of the store; a cool sea urchin mural; chalkboard menu over the bar; recycled and driftwood boards on the walls; super cute waitstaff;

Outerlands  096 bike parking with a cool bike with quilted cover;  Outerlands  097 vintage hand crocheted throws to borrow on chilly days in a salvaged box holding the hand painted door open;piecedgoods Outerlands Lunch Scenepiecedgoods Outerlands jarsspices in clamp top canning jars;  you get the drift, right?Outerlands  098

Outerlands  Twig wreath

I kind of want to hate a place with so darn much going for it, but I couldn’t.Outerlands  099

Because this is what we do, we ordered one of everything on the menu.  The only thing we passed on was the mixed green salad. Who needs more greens with all those sandwiches? And as it turned out salad came with practically every sandwich anyway.Outerlands  100

We will be attempting to duplicate at home the Hot Ginger Lemon Apple Cider at home.  We ordered it without the optional Bourbon and it was delicious.  The home version may need to include a little spill of bourbon.

Outerlands  101

The citrus avocado salad was both beautiful and delicious.Outerlands  102

And the Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a stunner.  If you like crispy melted onto the griddle bits of sharp cheese on house made bread brushed with garlic oil (or was it butter), this is the sandwich for you.Outerlands  103

The Fried Egg and Bacon sandwich had melted cheese harnessing the bacon onto the house made levain slice.  The Asparagus and Portobello Mushroom sandwich had cheese melted onto it made by a local purveyor that only sells to restaurants she deems worthy.

Outerlands  Asparagus Portobello Sandwich

I personally liked the hot sandwiches better than the cold ones, but they were all quite extraordinary, each with complex sauces, chutneys, aiolis, veggies, and all on thick slices of homemade bread.Outerlands  104
Outerlands  105 Dessert consisted of a salted caramel for each of us, and a brownie, ‘Oreo’, and chocolate chip cookie to share.

They were all great, though I think the delicious salted caramel might have tipped me over the edge on full.  I’d particularly recommend the chocolate chip cookie, and the ‘Oreo’.
Outerlands  108 Outerlands  114

Outerlands  115Michael Bauer, the SF Chronicle food critic calls this place a ‘phenomenon’, reviewing it here, but for dinner.  We thought lunch was pretty great.

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5 Responses to Fat Tuesday at Outerlands

  1. Sheila Brady says:

    Must go there immediately if not before!

  2. Beverly Stern says:

    well covered, madame reporter extraordinaire!

  3. This looks awesome! My kind of place, wish I lived in SF.

  4. Marie says:

    love your writings and photos, all beautiful. thought the pics on dessert said it all about the FT group 🙂

  5. Wow, wish I had been there too: fabulous food and fabulous company!

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