Family Food Portrait whipup5Whipup is one of the earliest blogs I ever bookmarked.  Way before I thought I could or would blog myself. Around when I started to understand what a blog could be.  Kathreen’s blog had pictures! Tutorials!  Advice!  Recipes! Quilts!  Sewing for family! Interesting Links! The Whipup Mainfesto says what I feel about making stuff.

Tragic news swept the internet crafting world this month.  Kathreen, the founder of Whipup, and her partner Rob died, leaving two children.

The internet makes friends and acquaintances of people across the globe as simple as walking across the street and saying  ‘hi’ to a neighbor.  Easier even I think.  I can say hello, extend a hand, be thankful, post my projects, ask questions any time of day or night, and I’ll get a friendly and helpful response.  Kathreen posted  a link to my blog ages ago.  I don’t even know how she found me and Piecedgoods, but she did and it was validation early on that someone found this blog interesting enough to pass on.

There are so many causes to donate to.  I choose to donate my time and money to causes that have touched me or those around me.  If Whipup touched you, as it has me, consider donating to the education fund set up for Kathreen and Rob’s two children.  Mason Dixon Knitting has set up a PayPal Donate button here.

Postings continue at Whipup as Kathreen set guest posts in motion while traveling.  Keep visiting the site for helpful advice from guest bloggers. Her voice lives on.

About piecedgoods

I like making things, creativity, creative people, food, fabric, glass, painting, reading, my community, my family, my friends and my dogs.
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