Art and People Watching

Piecedgoods SF MOMA

The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art closed today. It’s temporary.  It’ll be going through a big expansion project for two and a half years, and will be substantially different than the museum it is currently.   177 From May 30th through June 2nd (today) it held a countdown to closing and was open to all for free day and night.  178

At least half the fun of museums any time is the people watching.
  179 Free+open-all-night+modern art+a bar in the lobby made the people watching even better.  180

Modern art will be shown all over the city of San Francisco in collaborative exhibitions at  Crissy Field, the Contemporary Jewish Museum, the Asian Art Museum, and Yerba Buena Center for the Arts.

Probably even more than these places but that’s all I can remember now after wandering around goggling at art after midnight closing day.

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  1. In addition to being a venue for musical performances, YBCA also acts as a museum. The various art exhibits and collections YBCA offers emphasize its celebration of both local and world art. For example, in 2008 the art group Royal Art Lodge presented their psychologically surrealist works, challenging the viewer using simple drawings and more pronounced techniques like cutups. YBCA not only holds specific art shows and exhibits, but also is carefully aided by various artists in creating particular atmospheres for its spaces. For instance, Instant Coffee, another artist group, designed a lounge room within YBCA for visitors to simply sit and listen to records with a chic atmosphere, while Space 1026 created YBCA’s mural, a showcase of social and physical dimensions.

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