Pacific International Quilt Festival – Wearable

Perhaps a few of these might better titled ‘Wearable (?)’. Super fun and original things here.  There were also many beautifully embellished and quilted things.  But I was drawn as always like a moth to the flame to the quirky ones.

This lovely thing below is constructed of recycled Tiffany bags and winks at Marilyn Monroe’s solo in “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes”.  Additional ‘bling’ was repurposed from belts, shoes and chandeliers.  The same artist impressed me last year with Charia Antoinette: Let Me Bake Cake , constructed of C and H Sugar bags.

Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend - Pattern: Simplicity 8393 and Vogue V7949 by Charlotte Kruk

Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend – Pattern: Simplicity 8393 and Vogue V7949 by Charlotte Kruk

PIQF 2013 Nuno Felting  350

Seascape by Anne Sheikh

This one is constructed of thrift store baseball style caps. Each was deconstructed at the seams only.

PIQF 2013 Hats  349

Sydney 97.3 by Mary Ornish

PIQF 2013 Wearable Corset  348

Homage to La Tour Eiffel by Marty Ornish

This one by the same artist, was built on a 36A vintage bra. I think I recognize the Eiffel tower print. She fussy cut it to build out the pointy cups.

ZAPPED! by Gilbert Muniz

ZAPPED! by Gilbert Muniz

If you’re just joining the show, I’ve posted other pictures and categories of quilts and quilting here:
Off the Grid

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