Double Wedding Ring Quilt and Cutting Tips

piecedgoods Double Wedding Ring Quilt
This quilt has been on my list of quilts to make. Curvy pieces everywhere!Double Wedding Ring  329
EZDWRChallengeBlogLogo-1-235x300The Darlene Zimmerman EZ Quilting templates made cutting much simpler.

I missed the deadline to link up my quilt to the challenge with the NYC Modern Quilt Guild’s EZ Double Wedding Ring Quilting Challenge (Gah! December 1st!) but other bloggers’ posts lead me to the EZ Double Wedding Ring Templates by Darlene Zimmerman + the Single Arc template.

Click on the icon to the left if you want to see more about the challenge.  You can see the double wedding ring quilts that made the deadline clicking under the three categories (Small, Traditional, and Modern).

My quilt is not bound yet.  That’s what I’ll be tackling later this week.  I’m trying to decide what to bind the quilt with.  Probably one of the greens prints? White?  A completely different color?

I want to mention that though the templates made cutting out the fabric way easier, that the instructions for both piecing and cutting that went with them were not great.   I posted a review on to that effect.  This is not a beginning quilter’s quilt by any means, even taking the simpler way out like I did, and using the simplified arc for the rings vs. the little pieced bits that come with the main double wedding ring quilt template set.

A few tips on cutting:

1. Use a fresh rotary cutting blade.  A sharp blade makes a smoother cut.

2.  Be careful.  I think this bears saying even though it feels like a ‘duh’. The templates are curved.  Your blade is razor sharp.  If you’re at all worried or know you have problems in this regard, quilting and sewing stores sell gloves you can wear to protect your fingers.

Double Wedding Ring  330

3.  For the single arcs,  I was able to cut four layers of fabric at one time.  Since it takes four single arcs to make a circle, that was convenient.  Fold 44/45″ wide fabric selvage to selvage, and then fold the folded part to the selvage edge. The single arc template just fits unless the selvage edge is especially wide or the fabric is a bit narrow.

Double Wedding Ring  331
4. For the melon shaped pieces, cut strips of fabric 2-1/2″ wide and fold in half. (I pressed it in half) Then cut lengths 7-1/4″ long. Cut out the arc by lining up the black line on the folded edge.

Double Wedding Ring  332
5. For the little squares, I lined up my long ruler against the square lines on the template and cut strips that I subsequently cut into squares. Using the template alone was unwieldy for me. (Maybe because I’m left handed?)  Either way I think it’s easier this way.

The squares are a tiny bit bigger than 2-1/2″ square.  To do it right, use the template as a guide for your long ruler.
Double Wedding Ring  345
6. For the big pieces, cut squares out and then align the larger inside arc template along the edge of the square. Again, I was able to cut through 4 layers at once.

Double Wedding Ring  346

Double Wedding Ring  347
I’ll post more later on how I sewed things together. Many instructions on the web have the arcs bristling with pins.  I don’t like to pin that much.  If you’re like me, stay tuned for more.

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3 Responses to Double Wedding Ring Quilt and Cutting Tips

  1. This is so pretty! I’ve been considering for a while now making a wall hanging in the wedding ring pattern out of my wedding dress, but I’m so scared I’ll screw it up. Maybe this will give me the courage!

  2. Jennifer says:

    I just got these templates in the mail today (happy birthday to me!) and I’ve spent a frustrating couple of hours messing with them. I appreciate seeing your photos to confirm that I cut out my pieces properly, but was hoping for more help on pinning and piecing them together. I’m doing pieced arcs, which probably just makes it more difficult! Mine is 30s repro prints, but I LOVE your modern take on it!

    • piecedgoods says:

      Thanks for the comment! I will see if I post some useful pictures of sewing the arcs together – I sort of dropped the ball on that didn’t I?
      For now though, in general, I’m a ‘less is more’ pinned, so I pinned at the beginning of the arc, the end, and the middle and used my hands and experience to ease the fabric arcs into place.

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