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Crackly Spice Cookies

Do you ever have idea that a recipe should produce a certain kind of taste and texture? I do.  I read recipes thinking that things will turn out the way I want them to, but I’m sometimes disappointed which then … Continue reading

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Mandelbrot – A Recipe

I haven’t posted a recipe in a while.  The kitchen has been beset with issues.  The Kitchenaid mixer died.  Too many beatings.  We took it apart for a post mortem and evidently the gears had been worn down entirely.  I … Continue reading

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Friendship Bread – 2 Recipes

My friend Pam gave me a bag of starter and instructions and a recipe (this one here from the Happy Zombie).  It came in a zip lock bag with instructions to squish squash mush and mash over a period of … Continue reading

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