Dog is my Co-Quilter

I wondered about the ‘Dog is my Co-Pilot’ bumper stickers before I had a dog, but I don’t wonder about it anymore.  Schnap, the Schnauzer Poodle came into our lives over a year ago and now I wonder what took us so long to get a dog. I no longer wonder about the obscenely large assortment in Petco for dogs – though I do wonder still about some of the dog outfits.

Besides the unconditional love and zaniness Schnap adds to our lives, she’s added a whole new dimension to my quilting.  You see, Schnap sits on her chair (which used to be my chair) on her quilt (which used to be my quilt) and waits for quilt blocks to be

finished, pressed and placed on the floor (which used to be my design wall) at which time, she picks them up and moves them around.  Schnap has influenced the composition of many a quilt for the better since she joined the team.  For instance, her moving these original 9 patch quilt blocks around helped me realize that spacing them with smaller blocks would add an interesting contrast.

The downside is she makes mistakes with her constant second guessing and rearranging, and won’t own up to them and rip them out.

These blocks were not supposed to be next to each other.  We have not agreed on whether this is something we want to let go.

Co-quilters can be stubborn that way.

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I like making things, creativity, creative people, food, fabric, glass, painting, reading, my community, my family, my friends and my dogs.
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21 Responses to Dog is my Co-Quilter

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  2. Sharon Camp says:

    My dogs love to help me as well. They are a bit larger than yours and tend to lay on my quilts when I lay them out on the floor to check out my block designs.

    If they could only give me their thoughts and suggestions!!!

    Keep on quilting.

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