Inspirational Quilts

I got a promo email from today with this picture which reminded me then to look for pictures from this year’s Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival.  I believe that my dog Schnap is jealous of this quilt. She is jamming her squeaky toy into my shin even now to express her dismay.

There are a few quilts from Japan displayed every year at PIQF (Pacific International Quilt Festival) which is held in October in the Santa Clara Convention Center.  It’s the one quilt show I go to every year.  The quilts from Japan are always standouts to me in the level and attention to detail, the craftsmanship, and design.  I’m delighted always to see them in person and they always warrant a closer look (though no touching!)  Similar to how I feel when I see a painting in person – the original work is much more powerful than I expect.   There is a respect for weaving, textiles, fibers, handwork, applique, hand piecing, embriodery and quilting that has been nurtured for centuries in Asia… and demonstrated in these quilts.

Be*Mused is a lovely blog I check on from time to time, particularly around this time of year because Jan, the author,  attends, takes and uploads pictures of the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival.  I hope one day to go in person to one of these.  But even without being there, it’s inspirational to see the pictures.  Here’s the link to this year’s pictures of quilts.

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