Kaleido Crazy

There are lots of scraps generated by the Kaleidoscope quilt.

Despite cutting most of another Kaleidoscope out of some of the scrap pieces (though I’m not sure how much I like this second one yet ), I still found myself with a pile I wasn’t ready to relegate to the garbage pile.

Normally, I keep scraps that are strips, test blocks, and end pieces in a big heap.  But I felt like I needed to either do something with these soon or they’d be junk. The scraps from cutting out Kaleidoscope pieces are odd triangles and trapezoids.  Not a pile of scraps I could imagine myself fishing things out of in the future.

So, I dived (dove?) in and made, well, bigger scraps.  There are quilts shown in the book that have scraps used as border – I might do that with these.  But I also like the idea of making something out of them  floating on a solid white or black background.  I have used scrap pieced things, extra blocks and things like this for the quilt backing , but what with the thick seams in the middle of the kaleidoscope, and some thick-ish seams as a result of the crazy scrap piecing I don’t want to risk having two thick seams back to back.

These are just some of the crazy pieced bits.  There are more to come

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5 Responses to Kaleido Crazy

  1. quiltfever says:

    Just from my first round, I can tell these scraps are going to be difficult to deal with. I noticed Ricky Tims mentioned if you used them as a border, you might have to sew some extra strata. Hmmm…I made my first round last night and was disappointed. If you have time, have a look http://quiltfever.wordpress.com. I have gone ahead and started the next round to see if it improves things. Will cut those and post another photo tomorrow.

  2. piecedgoods says:

    My advice is keep forging along! Things look considerably different from the first round as you place in the the rest of the pieces. Onward!

  3. quiltfever says:

    I just went back and looked at your 2nd kaleidoscope and I see what you mean about the hexagon becoming less overwhelming. I do like my colors and have a fabulous fabric I was planning to use for the butts and wedgies so I’ll keep going. I think Ricky Tims said something in the seminar about his students not liking their creations at first. I remembered that last night and it made me feel better. And I did find that tip on page 26–AFTER I had done my design. Of course that design is changing now as I go along 🙂

  4. Auntie Em says:

    More good advice! I have been wondering whether or not to try piecing the leftover bits and using them elsewhere.

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