Schnap has been distracted from her self-appointed role as Co-Quilter (Co-Q) as she has also appointed herself Co-Landscaper.   It is tough work for a small dog and she has a hard time multitasking, so I’m letting her focus on the garden.

Work started today removing some of the sod in our backyard to be replaced with raised vegetable beds.  There’s still going to be plenty of lawn on which Schnap and her buddies can run, roll, fetch and play.

Nonetheless,  Schnap is supervising the work closely to make sure, and she’s not above making a lot of noise about it.

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4 Responses to Co-Gardener

  1. quiltfever says:

    Great back yard! Good luck with the veggies. Nice to have such a well-rounded helper.

  2. Schnap is so cute. It sounds like she’s as good of a helper as our Gus is when we’re doing projects. 😉

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