Patchwork Olympics

Olympic Patchwork, Russia,
The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee for the upcoming winter Olympics in Russia announced their graphics a week or so ago. I’m a fan!

It appears,  however, that on the webs that it’s not unanimous. In a nutshell, the critical stuff says it’s too busy and that this is what happens with design by committee.

Well! To a person that loves busy bold patchwork, this is just about right. I love the colors, the shapes, the repeating forms and the symbolism of the patchwork. There are 16 designs in each of these patchworks – representing the most famous traditional Russian arts and crafts, from Gzhel to Khokhloma*

Patchwork, Olympics, Winter, SochiI’m all for great focused design, but for the purposes of creating a backdrop that reflects the diversity and color of the Games, I think the patchwork is great.

I wonder if the patchwork will replace the usual silly semi-mythical/historical stuffed creature that always represents the Games?

Russia Olympics, Sochi, patchwork

*Go to this link to know more about the patterns represented in the patchwork.

Gzhel. The so-called “Gzhel bush” is scattered at a distance of 60 kilometers from Moscow; the “bush” is 27 villages where since the mid-17th century clay has been mined for pottery and porcelain. Gzhel dishes are painted by hand using cobalt oxide, which after being baked in the oven becomes saturated blue.
Khokhloma. Khokhloma painting is an ancient folk craft that appeared in the 17th century in the Nizhny Novgorod Region. On the proposed Olympic Games Look patchwork quilt concept, juicy red strawberries and rowan berries can easily be distinguished. In the late 19th century this decorative style of painting on a golden background was appreciated and valued in Europe. It is amazing that the wood is not painted with gold, but with silver tin powder. Once the craft item is covered in a special compound and baked 3-4 times it acquires the golden-honey hue of Khokhloma dishes.

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5 Responses to Patchwork Olympics

  1. Sheila Brady says:

    Again proving that quilters/patchworkers are ahead of the curve in all things economic, political, artistic, cultural!

  2. Scott says:

    As a graphic designer I think it is great. The sum of the parts contribute the the beauty of the whole. A collective approach in a country that is wildly multicultural.

  3. Susan Johannes says:

    Do you think these Olympic patchwork quilts are for sale anywhere?

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