We were at Disneyland this weekend.  The attention to detail in helping visitors Disney-fy each encounter is something I don’t think any other amusement park even comes to close to duplicating (other than other Disney parks)  They’ve now even taken the ‘ears’ to the next level.

Crocker, DisneylandWe were there to see our son and middle school perform in the Carnation Plaza Gardens. Our school’s extremely dedicated band teacher brings the symphonic band each year to experience the Disney Arts program where kids get a chance not only to perform in the park for the public, but also get a chance to rehearse and then record music that accompanies animation, all with a professional conductor.  It’s a great way to motivate and reward hard work and practice.

On top of all that, the day we went was the world premiere day of the 4th installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean – On Stranger Tides.We were well out of the park before the premiere, having opted not to join the crowd paying $1K each for a chance to ogle the stars on the black carpet, and watch the movie projected on a 6 story tall screen built over what used to be Tom Sawyer’s island. I was sad to miss seeing Great Moments with Mr.Lincoln with Media for Pirates.  Though I’m sure Mr. Lincoln did a great job.

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