Locavores‘ is the term for folks that try to consume things that are raised and grown locally. Though we’ve been trying to eat food grown locally (and in fact are trying to raise some of our own produce in the backyard), things we eat are far from being grown within a 100 mile radius of our home.  I like bananas, pineapple, coffee and chocolate too much for that to happen. Sorry, selfish…I know.

In any case, I make an effort to buy seasonal and local things when I can at the farmer’s market.  And I buy organic whenever I can.

As with everything obsessive and extremist, the locavore and foodie movement can get a bit tiresome and strident. Portlandia pokes fun at the new obsession of knowing your food.
I was amused and charmed to know the name of the cow that produced the cream for the butter we consumed at a meal.   I even like knowing and visiting the chickens that produce eggs down the street.  But I draw the line at knowing the name and social habits of my fried chicken.

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4 Responses to Localized

  1. quiltfever says:

    Too funny (and tiresome). I’m with you on the necessity of coffee and chocolate!

  2. Sheila Brady says:

    Portlandia is pretty funny! I wonder about whether people would still eat as much meat if they knew the names of their cows. My friends had a lovely cow named Ferd. Next year when I went to visit they had “Ferd-steaks” in the freezer. Make me feel creepy to eat him…

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