Copy Writing

Groupon (a company in the news recently for it’s valuation and possible acquisition by other companies) is an on line source for coupons.  I get at least one email every day with a new deal.   While most of the deals are for things I’m not the least bit interested in, I’ve continued my subscription for the copywriting.  You see, I find the headline paragraph for each deal amusing and strange enough to keep reading.

I’m guessing others do too, and the strategy of weird and bizarre copy is paying off for them.

‘Boats allow riders to glide across the water’s surface more elegantly than driving a shark or being towed by a torpedo’. San Francisco Whale Tours

‘In an effort to abandon high-cost rocket fuel, NASA has turned to alternative means of transit, such as hiring pizza chefs to toss astronauts skyward. ‘  Round Table Pizza.

‘Jewelry comes in many forms and fills many functions, whether it’s a glittering necklace to accentuate the color of one’s eyes or a friend’s engagement ring to deter drunken propositions while performing surgery. ‘ JewelMint

Note and disclaimer:  I’m not endorsing or recommending Groupon though I clip and use coupons.

In fact, there are some stores that issue coupons so often and so predictably, that I find myself strategizing my purchases so that every item I buy is discounted with a coupon. Never mind that it might already be on sale.  I put things back onto the shelf or not based on the coupon available.  Nothing’s a must-have anyway.



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