Pacific International Quilt Festival 2011

The Pacific International Quilt Festival happens once a year for 3 days or so in Santa Clara, California. Even though it always happens during a week in which I have too much to do, I make time for it and trek down to it.

The Island of Romance by Louise Allyn Beckman 61x40

There’s the market hall with booths for days. The fat quarters!  The luscious array of threads!  Plastic templates!  Patterns! Books!  Gadgets! Sewing Machines! Sewing Machine tables! Long Arm Quilters!

Tempting, but the best part of the Festival are the quilts on display. These are just a few of the ones I enjoyed.

Siesta by Tanya Brown 33x45

Abuela by Jennifer Day 48x41

Abuela by Jennifer Day 48x41

House Top Quilt by Tara Faughnan 50x50

These are the Ties that Bind by Sara Henry and Becky Hubel 67x55

Greek Fossils by Ferret 80x60

Closeup of Greek Fossils

Greek Fossils Close up

Towards Infinity by Sally Scott 80.7x48.8

Beset of the World World Quilt Competition

Dawn Prayers on the Ganges by Meri Henriques Vahl 48x81

From a Slice of Oz

Grass Trees by Gloria Looughman Victornia 50x75

Fern Pool by Gloria Loughman 80x70

Owl Feathers by Anna Mae Gazo

Pieces of the Puzzle from People of our Planet by Diane Lovitt 47x86


Mary's Cabbages by Jacqueline Manley 51x52


Crazy Quilt Pansies by Diana McClun, quilted by Victoria Simpson

Georgia on my Mind

Georgia on my Mind by Nancy S. Brown 46x49


Scrapbag Terrace: Senior Living for Art Quilters by Marsha Burdick 93x76

Noble Mandala by Joan Dyer


Sunset by Jan Soules

America Let it Shine by Sherry Reynolds

The creativity, skill, workmanship and beauty of the quilts is remarkable, freakishly so on some of them.  A whole lot of them consist of more thread than fabric.

I cannot help thinking about the level of obsessive compulsiveness gathered in one hall during this quilt festival.  Yeah, okay…takes one to know one?

Why I Prewash by Joni Strother

And last but not least, I loved the sense of humor and lesson of this one –  and as it happened the creator of the quilt was there as I was taking a picture of her quilt!

Her artist statement reads “I got the idea for this quilt while pre washing lots of batiks.  I use Shout Color Catchers in each load.  They turn such lovely blotchy colors when they absorb extra dye from the wash water. I machine pieced and quilted color catchers.  I also drew on them with color pencils.”

Hmm.  I think I’ll be pre washing more now.

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5 Responses to Pacific International Quilt Festival 2011

  1. quiltfever says:

    Wow, these are all wonderful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Vicky Stein says:

    these are AMAZING!

  3. Lynda says:

    Love quilt shows. People do amazing things with fabric! Especially enjoyed the “Why Prewash?” quilt. I made such cute “I Love You” quilts in red and white for my 3 daughters for a Mother/Daughter weekend. After washing they were pink and red quilts. Still loved but certainly showed my lack of prewashing.

  4. Joni Strother says:

    Thank you so much for featuring my quilt and me! Great photos and ideas. The Color Catchers are
    easy to sew and quilt. It’s a fun experiment.

    Joni Strother,
    San Jose, California

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