Macaroons in France are like cupcakes in the US. They’re the chic treat in pretty colors, packages and flavors.  They’re all over with jewelbox-like shops each displaying their little confections in unique ways.

MacaroonFrench macaroons are a completely different cookie than the American coconut macaroon.  Macaroon tower

They’re a whole lot lighter in texture (but probably not in calories), and they’re a sandwich cookie.  And devastatingly hard to pass up.

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3 Responses to Macaroons

  1. stjoesibhistory says:

    Yes, they’re very pretty. Have you seen the ones at Ladureé in Paris? So gorgeous. The first time I had one, I was a little disappointed with my initial taste. But then…oh wow. Once it melts on the tongue, it’s divine!

    However, these are macarons, not macaroons. Check out this blog post to note the difference:

    • piecedgoods says:

      I have indeed had the ones at Ladureé though not on this trip…Ladureé is the mother ship of these confections! I think I’ve seen macarons/macaroons spelled both ways, but the link (and subsequent links from that link) is informative, and most definitely the pronunciation is different. This link even has a diagram:

      • stjoesibhistory says:

        Haha that’s cute. Macaroons (to me) are the coconutty cookies, although my macaroons look different from these because I add cocoa but not egg. My best friend’s recipe. Oh well, however the words are pronounced, I like ’em both. And now I feel like I deserve a cookie or something!

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