Modern Quilts Illustrated #1

Modern Quilts Illustrated #1Yay! I got a chance to review Modern Quilts Illustrated – Issue #1 by Weeks Ringle and Bill Kerr of Modern Quilt Studio.  I’ve long been a fan of their work.   I have at least two of their books, and I’ve enjoyed following CraftNectar, Weeks’ blog and Whipup, where Weeks used to blog and still sometimes does.

Back when Modern Quilt Studio was called FunQuilts, they were one of the few doing more modern renditions of quilts.  Now it seems like everyone’s jumped on the modern bandwagon, but I think the Ringle and Kerr books were closer to the cutting edge.

Modern Quilt Studio’s quilts all focus on color, shape and repetition.  I find them soothing.  The quilts in their new magazine endeavor are no different. Stacks Intro PageThere are instructions for three quilts in the magazine and that’ll be the case for all the issues going forward. This one is 20 pages, printed on nice heavy paper in full color, and has no pesky and distracting advertising. Each quilt has full page shot of a finished quilt, and also has three other color options illustrated.

If you really love the quilt they’ve sampled, there are kits available for a limited time in the original color way as well as the fabric stock keeping unit information for the fabric they’ve used if you want to source the exact bits yourself. There’s also features like “The Cutting Table” which includes tips musings and inspirations, and “Palette Chasing” which includes a picture and some colors to inspire fresh ways of looking at combining colors. This issue also included a page on Plush Fleece Backings which includes a diagram of the Anatomy of the World’s Warmest Throw.

I got a freebie in #1, but having seen it, fondled it, and made something from it (stay tuned for the posting on what I made), I would’ve paid for it. In fact, I think I’ll subscribe for the year. Issue #2 is already off the presses so maybe if I call, I’ll get it soon. (I really hate subscribing to stuff and not knowing which issue I’m going to get, and I don’t think that’ll happen here.) Go here to see Weeks’ post on what’s within #2. They’re working on issue #3.

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4 Responses to Modern Quilts Illustrated #1

  1. Weeks Ringle says:

    Thanks for the nice review. Indeed we send people whichever issues they want to receive.

  2. I am pretty sure you can start your subscription with issue #2. I subscribed and I think the magazine is great. Haven’t made anything yet. I just love the inspiration.

  3. Vicky Stein says:

    That blue quilt kind of reminds me of the one you guys had on your bed- the blue and white one. Cool magazine!

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