Heads of State

Siena Duomo Heads
People of Siena – You are being watched.

Check those heads out.  This is in the Duomo – the graphically striped black and white cathedral of Siena. For your viewing pleasure, I’ve called them out with big green arrows above because there’s so much other distracting stuff.   No absence of decoration here.
172 popes heads peer down, carved so realistically out of marble that I imagine them gossiping above about the tourists below. See them leaning into each other to chat. Are they so holy that they’re above dishing about the shocking attire of modern tourists?Siena Duomo
Not be outdone, the exterior has all these other guys. I think they’re different people, but I’m just guessing here.  You can’t be two places at once you know and I’m definitely no art historian.

And then there are also the heads on the sides of the world’s oldest surviving bank, Monte dei Paschi di Siena.

Siena Bank Heads
I hear that here the carvings are of famous people, Dante being one of them.  They’re wondering what they’re looking at from up there.
Siena Bank Heads

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2 Responses to Heads of State

  1. Nancy daubenfeld says:

    Hi, is your dog a Kromfohrländer?
    We have one ourselves and are interested of their whereabouts

    • piecedgoods says:

      I don’t think our dog is a Kromfohrländer, but don’t know for sure. We were told that he was rescued from a high kill shelter in Kern County, CA and they thought that he was at least part Tibetan Terrier. Having met some other owners of Tibetan Terriers, he has many of the mannerisms of them but is a bit bigger than a purebred. Some things we know: Murphy has hair, not fur. He loves playing in the snow. He does not like water.(there have been folks that have asked if he is a Portuguese Water Dog)

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