Wenlock in London

London Olympics Big Ben WenlockI wasn’t in London for the Olympics but we saw a lot of the preparatory work being done. Wenlock, the one eyed mascot for the London Olympics, and Mandeville, the one eyed mascot for the ParaOlympics were at all of the major tourist attractions.London Olympics Raven Wenlock

Wenlock is a weird looking thing. Mandeville is also odd. What’s with the bizarre Cyclops like Olympic mascots? Tourist Wenlock London Olympics

Being Curious, I looked up Making the Mascot.  Aha.

Wenlock and Mandeville were designed by committee.  Designers, artists, agencies, toy industry experts and more. That’s why there’s a replica of a taxi light on the top of their heads.  And bracelets worn that represent the colors of the Olympic rings.London Olympics Egyptian WenlockLondon Olympics Aquarium Wenlock London Olympics Wenlock
Personally I would’ve preferred something like a hedgehog or sheep. Falling Gromit

Gromit from Wallace and Gromit would have been awesome I think.

But then I’m not a committee.

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