Orange and Black

Orange and Black Houndstooth QuiltI was inspired by the Houndstooth Quilt in this book: Quilts from the House of Tula PinkQuilts from the House of Tula PinkI cut and pieced the quilt together differently because I didn’t like the amount of waste or additional scrap fabric would be created making the houndstooth quilt her way.

I have generated a quilt’s worth of scraps from some quilts I’ve made.  I dislike this.

Since quilting originated as a way to use up and not throw out even teeny scraps, I find high wastage quilt piecing to be not nearly as satisfying as lower or no waste piecing.  Better yet, some of the favorite quilts I’ve made have been scrap busters…They generate no more scraps, but instead diminish the pile. (here’s an example)

Regardless, I found the Tula Pink book inspirational for both the piecing and quilting ideas within.

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