Super Happy

Schnap Mini Totoro Quilt  183Any time a quilt is thrown down on the lawn for photography, Schnap the Co-Quilter makes herself available for quilt inspection and enjoyment. Schnap Mini Totoro Quilt  184Schnap Mini Totoro Quilt  185 This one is a top sewn of blocks and bits and pieces of things not sewn into other quilts. Schnap Mini Totoro Quilt  186Schnap Mini Totoro Quilt  Frequent Piecedgoods quilt viewers will probably recognize blocks and fabrics from other previous quilts scrambled together here.

About piecedgoods

I like making things, creativity, creative people, food, fabric, glass, painting, reading, my community, my family, my friends and my dogs.
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5 Responses to Super Happy

  1. Sheila Brady says:

    A very fun collection of past, present, and future quilts!

  2. Lynn says:

    I love the way you combined “orphan” blocks to make such a striking quilt and your “helper ” is adorable! Charming art quilt!

  3. sewmessy says:

    The quilt is really wonderful and your dog is too cute for words! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Ann

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