FabMo Pumpkins

Scrap Pumpkins  393

Frequent readers of this blog may have noticed that I like scraps.  See SCRAP for a favorite haunt.   I like making use of what others might consider debris.  And I appreciate others using and repurposing things that might otherwise become landfill.

FabMo is a non profit that was started to rescue fabric discarded from designer showrooms in San Francisco and around the Bay area.  This all volunteer, non profit organization has diverted approximately 70 tons annually from landfill and makes the fabric (and a few tile and carpet samples) available for creative reuse.

Scrap Pumpkins  392They hold selection days once a month in Mountain View – a couple of weekdays and one on the weekend.  They’re starting to have selection events also in the Santa Cruz area.

I don’t go every month or my home would be filled to the rafters with scraps of cloth,  There are wonderful swatches to be had! Subscribe to their mailing list if you’re local and interested.

piecedgoods Scrap Pumpkins  394PIJ997CR-2TOctober is pumpkin time.  I sewed and stuffed some pumpkins using fun FabMo fabrics and this pattern from Indygo Junction.

I couldn’t resist tweaking the pattern so after one pumpkin, the pattern and process started evolving.

I settled on using an adapted version of the pattern with 6 sections (vs. the 5 in the pattern) and slightly revised stem.

And now all those orangey fall designer upholstery fabrics have a new purpose.


Scrap Pumpkins  395


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2 Responses to FabMo Pumpkins

  1. Becca says:

    Gorgeous! Love them & love what many are doing with repurposed swatches. Thank you!

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